September 13, 2012

Sad Moment

        Once upon a time, there was a mother and her son. They lived in a hut in the middle of city. The mother was single parent., because her husband was passed away. So, she grew up her son alone. Her son was seven years old. Although, she worked hard for their life.
        One day, her son was cry, because he was remember his father. He was very miss him. His mother tried to amuse his heart. And then he stopped cry. He asked her mother, "why did my father leave me?".
"Your father did not leave you, honey. He always near with us, in our heart," answered his mother. "Yeah, I knew. But I wanted met with him," said the son. "Everyone must die, your father too. He was happy in heaven. We just can pray him," said the mother. "Yes, Mom." answered the son.
        Finally, he understood what his mother said. Every day, after finishing prayer, he always pray for his father.  

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